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weekday wardrobe

I love seeing what people wear to work. I also love seeing what people’s houses look like (and this one too!). I’m apparently a big creeper all around :)

When I first started working as a librarian I turned to this blog to see what the norm was. What I learned was 1. There isn’t a norm 2. I need a book patterned dress asap 3. If all else fails, dress like Spencer Hastings.


TuesdayFullSizeRender (7)I finally upgraded to an adult mirror, a big achievement! I had the other since college and it has a giant crack in it from when I was moving out of the dorms and chipped a bit of it off.. but no seven years of bad luck so i’m good!

WednesdayFullSizeRender (9)*Wednesday was one of those days when I just wasn’t feeling it. This anthro dress is a straight up optical illusion and hides it all.ThursdayFullSizeRender (8)

FridayFullSizeRender (6)

Me, pretending to be Spencer. Success I think!



  1. Towely Towely

    I would like details on Monday, Tuesday and Friday’s footwear please.

  2. Saryah Saryah

    They are all old and look to be sold out, such a bummer! Here are the links: Monday- JCrew, Tuesday- Madewell, Friday- Steve Madden, similiar

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