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wedding.. what to wear??

My cousin is getting married next month in Scotland. Not a total destination wedding since he lives there, I think the only people flying in is our family, but we are all excited! My dad has his kilt at the ready (seriously), my bro is deciding on suit vs tuxedo, and the ladies are sorting out dresses (ok it’s just me who has yet to decide and i’m in utter turmoil. help!).

Confession: the closest I’ve come to attending a British wedding is watching the royal wedding on television.  Do I wear a hat/fascinator? Can I wear a skirt? Kate Middleton never wears a skirt. Will I bring dishonor to my family (Mulan style) who I’ve only met a handful of times? Idk my bff jill.

This wedding is such a new and completely different ballgame, err cricket game?, ha! It’s made me really think about all wedding attire aspects. Here is what i’ve decided totally flies at an American wedding.

  1. You CAN wear black. Take in account the cut and fabric of the dress, and time of the wedding. As long as don’t look like Bellatrix LeStrange I think you’re in the clear.  
  2. Rock your crop top! *As long as the bride and groom aren’t traditional I say go for it! My girl TSwift looks wedding ready all the time 
  3. Throw on your favorite cream/white/beige dress! This one is still iffy but as long as it’s tasteful (no matter the color) and you don’t upstage the bride it can work. I wore a cream anthro dress to my friend’s wedding without even registering it might not be ok. I haven’t heard any complaints yet and it was two years ago so i think i’m in the clear :) If you are close to the bride ask, or if you are really nervous maybe think of a different outfit. I’ve been seeing this dress all over pinterest and i think it would look sweet for a wedding guest 8 amazing summer wedding guest outfits to copy - Page 7 of 8 -

I’ll get back to you once I learn the do and don’ts of across the pond weddings. I’m thinking I’ll pass on the wedding hats. or not? oh dear.

May the odds be ever in your favor my peeps!

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  1. Aunt Vonnie Aunt Vonnie

    Love the cream dress. It is so retro but classic at the same time. You would totally be stunning! Here’s something else to wear with it — gloves! And wear a sparkly hair pin with an updo!

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