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Book Review: The Wrath and the Dawn


Please note the positive blurb from Marie Lu, who wrote the awesome Legend Series.  Every book i’ve read that she has reviewed has ended up being less than great. Is she a bad luck charm??

Back to the book. The Wrath and The Dawn. I got an ARC, advanced reading copy, from this years Texas Library Association annual meeting. I may have skipped an entire day of seminars to stock up..

It weirdly reminded me of the story of esther, in the way girls were rounded up for the king’s picking. except in this story each girl becomes his bride and each bride dies/is executed in the morning.  Enter Shahrzad. Her best friend was one of the brides. Shazi is there to take revenge for her friend’s murder. excepttttt will she realize there is something more to this mystery? fall in love? make some waves? The answers are obvious.

I didn’t really love any of the characters or become invested in the story. It was a good way to pass the time and I was curious to see what happened.

I rated the book at first 3 stars with the review “I like it and will probably foreget all about it by the time the next book comes out” (it’s a trilogy bc everything is these days).  My sister rated it 4 stars. Then my Erica rated it 4 stars and wrote a glowing review and I wrote saying I wanted to read this book asap it sounded so good! I looked it up and realized oh wait.. I already did. ha! my review came true! self fulfilling prophesy?! I’m a seer. After that I lowered my rating to 2 stars because it obviously didn’t leave me with an impact and no spark to continue the story for two more books.

The average rating is 4.22 on goodreads.  My official rating: 2/5.  Read and decide for yourself!

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