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Scotland time! The whole fam (minus Athena) went up for our cousin Antony’s wedding. IMG_5644

Check out this killer airbnb I booked for us! Oh it’s a beaut! Right on the Royal Mile and super close to the wedding venue.IMG_5646

First things first, scones. I went to Bon Papillon which is both an art gallery and cafe, AND rated best scones in Edinburgh. exsqueezeme while I drool. They didn’t have plain scones but this blueberry one was delish.IMG_5676
My sister and I gatecrashed our cousin’s stag do when we heard he was doing a chain walk for part of his festivities. I’m so glad he did! We drove out to Kingdom of Fife and it was the most beautiful day we could have asked for. seriously. IMG_5673IMG_5707

Natasha and Antony!
Natasha and Antony!

IMG_5703IMG_5697 And then it was time for the wedding! Except I took a taxi seperate from everyone and got there on time while the fam couldn’t get a taxi. Leaving me alone, clueless of what to do. I knew we would be sitting at the front and didn’t want to go in by myself especially since I didn’t know anyone ah so awkward. So I sat in the corner by the entrance frantically texting the fam telling them to hurry up, possibly sweating from nerves.IMG_5711

I ended up going once Dan (cousin) showed me where to sit and held down the second row by my onsie.

Cousins! Aren't they great?
Cousins! Aren’t they great?

IMG_5719The next day we all decided to do Arthur’s Seat which the scots call a “walk”. mmmmm ok. and off we went! IMG_5729At this point we were about half way and lost mom and dad so we waited for them to catch up. then we got this text..

*A 99 is an ice cream
*A 99 is an ice cream

Classic ‘rents. IMG_5767I won’t say it was a competition but I totally made it to the top first. Here is James reaching the top!IMG_5776Edinburgh, I’m yours.IMG_5789Dan and I took the more adventurous route down. This is my all time favorite picture from the trip. I think this is right before I fell, ha!

It was honestly the best catching up with the family again. We are so lucky with the technology nowadays but growing up it was hard to know someone living on the opposite side of the world. I like getting to know them better with each visit.

After the wedding and fun, the boys went home and mom, tash, and I started our roadtrip to Isle of Skye.
IMG_5803Me dancing in my new fav sweater. How cool are the Kelpies? My great aunt lives near them, how lucky is she?IMG_5809Natasha loves castles. This was a great pick from her. It was such a pretty walk to the ruins. IMG_5820

How cute is my mom?
How cute is my mom?

IMG_5834IMG_5883HOGWARTS! We were super lucky to also see the steam train pass by! I took the trip before in 2008 I think. This was way better because you could actually hang about and admire the structure.

And now to Skye! IMG_5919

IMG_5942 IMG_5945IMG_5959You walk in the circle, around and around, to the center, leave a present and make a wish. Then you have to walk out backwards for the wish to come true.

Which I obviously did.
Which I obviously did.


At our hostel. How cool!?
At our hostel. How cool!?

The Isle of Skye was incredibly beautiful. You need a car to get around and lucky for me Natasha was the driver. It was a hair scary at times because most of the roads are two way with only enough space for one car; it’s a bit like playing chicken. Beware the no wifi/reception in most of Skye. We frequented The Old Inn for dinner every night to get their wifi, though the food was delicious so it wasn’t a hardship :)

Not photographed: I met up with my friend Bethany who I met in New Zealand. We were both WOOFing through the country and met at Harmony Farm (yes exactly as you imagine it to be). We had so many adventures together and I swear we are soul sisters. We traveled with two other girls, Annie and Vera, and did the three day hike up Mount Doom. These ladies have seen me at my happiest and honest to goodness worst. With the whole family bonding/wedding stuff going on it was difficult to get the time to see Bethany, but on Monday morning I walked her to work! haha you gotta take what you can get my friends! It was so good to see her and she is the same bubbly person I remember. #neverchange #lylas

Scotland is one of the prettiest places I’ve been and without a doubt has the funniest people in the world. I can’t wait for the next family wedding for an excuse to go!


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