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PSA! Tom Felton is Louis Leonowens

I watched Anna and the King last week and thought, “wait a second… I’d know that smirk anywhere!”

Tom Felton IS Louis Leonowens. but I think we all remember him as our favorite Slytherin.

Knowing it was baby Draco in Anna and the King made the movie *that* much better.

I also never appreciated how cool it is that the movie is based on real events and real story line. I got interested and look up more of its history.

  • The real king’s face was half paralyzed.
  • Anna taught the King’s 64 (!!!) children
  • After Anna wrote her novel about her experiences the king wrote she “has supplied by her invention that which is deficient in her memory.”

I think this story will continue to be popular regardless of the accuracy, or lack of.  Maybe because we are all suckers for a good story with a little love involved :)

annnnnd because i couldn’t resist…

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