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Top 5 Books of 2015

Top 5 Books I Read in 2015

Some of these were published in 2015 and are brand new, yay! And some are really old and only just now have gotten on my radar. Most (all) “Top Books of 2015” lists only include books published in 2015, but I say why limit yourself? Cheers to another good reading year! May 2016 bring many more great reads :)

1. Assassination Vacation

murder! suspense! U.S. presidents! historical musicals! Everything I never knew I wanted in a book.

2. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory

“A girl always remembers the first corpse she shaves.” ((first sentence)) whaaaa educational yet ever so morbid. Done and done.

3. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt


4.  A Court of Thorns and Roses

Because sometimes I need to feed the inner YA in me and no one does it better than Sarah J Maas. (ok except for Sarah Dessen, obviously)

So timely! I will never think about the internet/people  the same way again. Maybe not the best written book out there, it is definitely one that has stayed with me and kept me thinking all year round.

What’s on your list?

xx Saryah

PS. Check out these Book Reviews! Me Before You and Wrath and the Dawn

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Mom: Ugh I’m feeling sick

Me: You should go to the doctor before your health insurance runs out next week. No wait. That’s me.

and then I’m like..

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Have a Beautiful Weekend


December= everyone’s birthdays. Tonight I’m celebrating with my bestest!  Have you heard of acuyoga? Acupuncture and yoga combined! I’m trying it this weekend and a little nervous! see you on the other side :) have a beautiful weekend!

.. to the links!

GUYS! New season of Serial started yesterday!!!! In honor, I give you SNL’s Christmas Serial

Would you try hair perfume?

Whaaat? Good news actually making the news!?

Woah, christmas colored deviled eggs??

I don’t know what I’d wear this to, but look how cute!

JK Rowling = Queen of Everything

So cozy, so pretty!

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Trying Something New: Blue October

I dragged my friend with me to see Blue October for the sole reason of hearing them play my 7th grade jam, Calling You. Ok yes still my jam to this day- I know all the words and nothing would make me happier than scream singing them.

Things I learned at a Blue October concert:

  1. I should probably only go to concerts where I know their songs
  2. Old people like Blue October too (like really old)
  3. Sometimes a band needs a 40 minute intermission (?????????????)
  4. You can look up a band’s set list online (amazing, thank you technology!)
  5. “Post rock instrumental” bands are a thing
  6. I will only buy seat tickets because standing is for youths.

IMG_6629(said post rock instrumental band from Austin)

We ended leaving early because it was kinda the worst concert I have ever been to. And they didn’t even play Calling You. I checked. Online.


I’m all for trying something new and always hope for the best, because how great is it when you go out on a limb and it’s a giant success! happy day! shout from the roof tops! annnnd sometimes trying something new leaves you with a fun story for your next trying something new adventure (or awkward work party) :)

xx Saryah


Monday Jams


After lounging around the house all weekend recovering from the sinus allergies from Mordor, I’m ready to kick this week’s butt. anddd need a little help getting amped..

I’d like to take a moment to thank the music gods for R. Kelly’s Remix to Ignition. Yes,  I know all the words. No, I’m not ashamed.

Let’s keep throwing it back with this song.

xx S

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Hi friends! We made it to Friday!! I’m planning on downing tons of OJ in hopes of feeling better for my friend’s babyshower tomorrow, and finally make it to yoga without sneezing everywhere. or maybe cuddle up and watch lotr 2. so many choices! have a great weekend!

for everyone who has wanted to make spaghetti squash but was super confused (me)

I have only been waiting for this my entire life.

for all you germaphobes

I find it really difficult to stay up to date on PC terms (I’m such a grandma!). NYT coins a new term and it’s helpful!

I have been wishing someone could make me this list!


twice baked butternut squash! My love for butternut squash knows no bounds.

Do you agree? I didn’t read any of these!

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Do you have a movie you watch when you’re sick? My friend’s movie is The Mighty Ducks (yes she’s Canadian). Mine is Lord of the Rings, really any but preferably the first, that way if I’m really sick then I can continue with the second and third. Something comforting about the fact I can fall asleep and wake up multiple times and the movie will still be playing.

Ps. I kinda look like Gollum right now. Especially when the soup I ordered ended up not being butternut squash but some sort of bisque? #drama

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Wish List

It’s December!!! My favorite month of the year. Not just because it’s a double wammy celebration of my birthday and Christmas, but because everyone seems a bit nicer around this time. Enough with the boring sentimental stuff.

Here are the items I’ve been eyeing..


iPhone holder for the car. I’m totally that dangerous person who has to keep looking down for directions.
cute prescription sunglasses to make life sooo much easier

a mug to make me smile (because someone keeps losing mine..)a new, classic Moleskine pocket planner

OR… for someone to fill up my bike tires because I’m too lazy to do it myself!



adult coloring book because it looks so fun
OR… I am always down for a trip to DryBar :)
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