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Officially Non News

I have seen this particular non news on Buzzfeed and Refinery29, both claiming that no one, even the most true HP fans, ever noticed this “well kept secret”. The secret being that the *spoiler* (though if you haven’t read/seen the movies by now your life is forfeit) locket horcrux they found in book 7 was introduced in passing in book 5. duh. sigggghhhh. *insert biggest of all time eye roll*

Here’s my girl Hermione dropping some knowledge:

“. . . at the time,” she finished in a whisper.

“Something wrong?” asked Ron.

“There was a locket.”

“What?” said Harry and Ron together.

“In the cabinet in the drawing room. Nobody could open it. And we . . . we . . .

Harry felt as though a brick had slid down through his chest into his stomach. He remembered: He had even handled the thing as they passed it around, each trying in turn to prise it open. It had been tossed into a sack of rubbish, along with the snuffbox of Wart- cap powder and the music box that had made everyone sleepy. . .” -HP7

My favorite comments below these ridiculous articles are:

  • “Anyone who missed the significance of the locket in Half-Blood Prince is a filthy Muggle.”
  • “Other things Buzzfeed writers just found out about Harry Potter: he’s a wizard, he’s a male, he’s British, he wears glasses.

dear millennial *journalists, sort yourselves out.

*not actually journalists because you didn’t do your research. bye.


  1. Lauren P Lauren P

    I also keep seeing an article to the effect of “30 people you NEVER KNEW were in HARRY POTTER EVEN THE BIGGEST FANS NEVER NOTICED”
    and on the list is like… that Dean Thomas has had jobs since Harry Potter that you might recognize him from and that Julianne Houghs hair can be seen behind Harry in one scene. Anti-news, nobody cares

  2. Saryah Saryah

    Yesssss me too! I want to know who these people are and give them a stern talking to and explain what in fact the biggest fans know, which is EVERYTHING. I’m so glad we are on the same level!

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