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Muggle vs Non-Maj

Sorry, Snape. I can’t.

Yall. I have gone along with Jo’s crazier ideas and put up with all her shenanigans. Full stop. I cannot get behind her latest: the American term for muggle is non-maj. It’s so horrible, so embarrassing, so american? idk my bff jill. I refuse.

here’s a lil refresh on the other items i’m still saying, “wtf jk rowling” to.

  1. Lily and James dying at 21. THAT’S TOO YOUNG.
  2. Everything Snape did/said. He clearly has problems, possibly mental and the fact he is allowed around kids is insane. Hi, he was bullying an 11 year old orphan. get it together man.
  3. The whole is Snape good or evil debacle. my heart.
  4. Dumbledore for not telling harry anything about anything until it was always too late.
  5. Dumbles dropping baby harry off at the dursley’s without even talking to them. Just because we now have Safe-haven laws (thanks Texas!) doesn’t mean you can drop babies everywhere. #rude
  6. the fact harry named his kid albus severus. no wonder the play is called the Cursed Child.

To cancel out all the feelings of pain and angst, here is the newest Potter Puppet Pals video!

PS. The Ultimate Harry Potter Day, PSA! Tom Felton is Louis Leonowens,  and Harry Anniversary!

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