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Book Review: Me Before You

Lemony Snicket is one smart dude.  I usually pull a Rory Gilmore and carry a book around with me because sometimes I need a break from facbook stalking on my phone, ya know? This past week I reread Me Before You by JoJo Moyes in anticipation for the Best Cast Movie of All Time. Trust me. I started following Emilia Clarke on instagram when I realized she and Neville Longbottom were going to be costars ha.

Because I love books so much I want to share whatever I’m currently reading with you! I know you are so lucky :)

Truth Time: I judge books by their covers. Everyone does secretly right? Going off the title I thought it was some sad girl book where she’s looking for love after some bad break up.  Spoiler: it’s not.  Also I have this weird thing about not reading the summary if I can help it because I think it gives too much away (which makes this whole me giving reviews so ironic/challenging, i want you to be surprised!).

I had recently gone through a No More Books phase because I had wayyy too many but on this particular day I hit up Barnes and Noble and went crazy (3 books).  I was using my GoodReads app (download asap!!) on my phone, scanning all the bar codes in to see which had the best ratings. kinda felt like i had one of those metal detectors at the beach looking for some change buried in the sand.

Yall this book is so good. It follows Lou after she loses her job that her entire family depends on for income.  Lou is wacky and likable, and wears strange leggings.

Will is living this outrageously awesome life until he is injured critically in a motorcycle accident.

Watching their lives converge was fascinating in a way that was totally believable. Sometimes you know the author wrote the story just to be marketable and make some money, this is the exact opposite. This story is so real and honest.

Jojo Moyes has an excellent voice and a gift for storytelling. Warning: beware the ugly cry.

What book can you normally say is even better the second time around? This one!

Official Rating: 5/5


  1. Sky Sky So many people, most of whom are non-book bloggers, have recommended this. Sounds fascinating! Adding it to my Amazon cart right now!

  2. Saryah Saryah

    Girl, get it!! Hands down a great book!

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