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Instagram vs Reality

I love a good insta and will go to lengthy measures to achieve one. Such strategies include:

  • Hi stranger, can you please take a photo of me?
  • No sister, I need at least 40 more shots from various angles.
  • Oh there’s a fee to enter this building with great architecture that I need for a sweet insta? No problemo.

I live in a very uncool time and would like to blame today’s youths.

As in love with insta as I am sometimes I think “wait why isn’t my life like that?” which is so depressing. Say it with me now, comparison is the thief of joy. there is a wide gap between what we see and what is really happening when someone takes an insta. I swoon over other people’s insta lives (and their great outfits) as much as the next person, and it’s important to remember that they too probably looked like a little foolish trying to achieve a good selfie

Example A: Pulling up the jeans and hoping the people behind me would move out of the frame. didn’t happen. and yes this is the time I paid around 40 danish kroner just to go inside for this insta. IMG_5305IMG_5338

Example B: I wanted to try a Buzzfeed and friend’s suggestion at The Breakfast Club.


How in the world did that guy’s breakfast end up so pretty?!

Example C: I made my sister switch seats with me because I wanted more pink in the photo (after at least 15 pictures) but ended up going with the very first photo she took of meIMG_6179IMG_6152

More examples because we’ve all been there!

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