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David Bowie, badass bro

My love for David Bowie goes back a ways from growing up watching the best/weirdest movie, Labyrinth.  So many questions. Why did he decide to make this movie where he is only working with puppets? Why the hair? Why the spandex and enhanced package when it’s a children’s movie? Does Jennifer Connelly have the best brows of all time? Why is all the music so good?!

Questions that will never have answers.

I love how he got to fulfill his life long ambition of creating a (mostly) successful musical and dropped another album out of nowhere on Friday.  Whaaat he is the most mysterious and I love it.  I still remember going into Whole Foods and seeing The Next Day at the check out counter and had no idea what was happening (obvs buying it immediately). He is everything. May we all be a little more Ziggy and a whole lot more mysterious, minus the feathered hair please :)

Still confused (for life) about the (illegal) love story line between Sarah and the Goblin King but then again…

Farewell you strange, strange, beautiful man. Goblin King 4ever <3

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