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Copenhagen Travel

In the words of Beyonce: I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

No lie, two streets over from our airbnb was Copenhagen’s top rated brunch place Mad & Kaffe. We called it Mad Cafe and our airbnb host thought it was hilarious. we got jokes people! but seriously, one thing i never joke about is food. check it:
IMG_5629We went there twice and no regrets. We stayed in Kobenhavn which is the foodie hipster area and was about a 20 minute walk from the city centre, however if we dared to it was only an 8 to 10 minute bike ride. These bikes were cutesy like this one:IMG_5428They were clunky with impossibly high seats that in fact did not lower to wear I could sit and easily get on and off.  I think it’s because everyone in Copenhagen (and possibly all of Denmark) are tall, blonde, and beautiful with great clothing. The bikes we used were called GoBikes, electric bikes with GPS, and our host gave us his account so there were free to use. Seriously he was the best, more on that later. I almost got myself and others killed because I’ve only ever ridden my bike for leisure around my neighborhood, never in a city and never on the road with tons of other bikers. Copenhagen is known for being a great bike city for a reason, it’s the fastest way!

Now on to the adventures. First up Christiansborg Palace.

check this tapestry out!
check this tapestry out!
This sofa looks beautiful and uncomfortable. I need it.
This sofa is beautiful and uncomfortable. I need it.
Mr. Tumnus? That you?
Mr. Tumnus? That you?
Tell me this isn't Belle's library come to life!
Tell me this isn’t Belle’s library come to life!
Went and saw the original
Went and saw the original. sup.

IMG_5272I had heard this pastry was a must to try. I can’t remember what it’s real name is but translated it’s “director’s snail” and the best place to get one is from Lagkagehuset bakery. We walked right past one and made Natasha stop in to get one to share.  because that’s what sisters are for, right? :)IMG_5270IMG_5342We went on a free walking tour and Natasha was picked to be a physical representation of one of the islands that was “small and not much to look at” baha I think everyone’s faces here accurately describes the awkwardness IMG_5350My peeps. We found ourselves in a bit of a pickle when it came to do our laundry and our host was out of town. We had to connect the washer to the sink for water (and various other steps) and we could-not-figure-it-out. I’ve known some places in Europe have this set up (I mean both washer and the pictured bathroom set up) in theory but I’ve never seen one in real life. I wasn’t bothered with the shower just being there next to the toilet and next to the washer, it was definitely more cozy. IMG_5358IMG_5354It took us over an hour to figure this out. Embarrassing I know. Also, one of the settings on the washer was “5 shirts”. why would anyone waste a load on 5 shirts??? Baffled.

A note on dryers. Most people in Europe don’t have them. They think we are crazy for using them because it’s a huge energy waste. I agree. Specifically for Texans where it’s hot most of the year and if you put your clothes outside in the summer they will most likely be dry in 5 minutes. and you just saved an hour’s worth of money. the weird/sad thing is this idea has never occurred to most people in the states because it’s never mentioned. ok off my soap box. or should I say detergent box?

Me: are your jeans going to bleed?

Sister: No

Me: Are you sure?

Sister: yes

End result: They bled and all our whites were turned a blueish gray. AND clean! huzzah! IMG_5362Read about Dyrehaven in a New York times article and luckily it was just down the street from where we were staying! we tried the recommended potato open faced sandwich and the eggs benedict, so yum!IMG_5452Tivoli! I get why all the reviews said to visit at night now. All around are lights and light display/shows in the gardens that would have been sooo pretty once lit up! There were tons in the weeping willows that I know would have been beautiful! So take it from a nonbeliever and go at night. IMG_5437IMG_5464Natasha went on all the rides and I went around taking photos of the cool plants :)IMG_5280

Go to "Whoopie" and understand life.
Go to “Whoopie” and understand life.
canal tour, so lovely
canal tour, so lovely
the national library, the Black Diamond. appropriately named don't ya think?
the national library, the Black Diamond. appropriately named don’t ya think?

On our last day we went on a tour to a few castles outside the city, but my favorite was the viking museum because we got to dress up :) !IMG_5484IMG_5492

I'm told this is the traditional Viking pose
I’m told this is the traditional Viking pose
mandatory apple pic
mandatory apple pic
The Macbeth castle!
The Macbeth castle!


Last but not least… lolz just kidding the Little Mermaid statue is rated 2nd most disappointing landmark/statue/thing to see in Copenhagen. IMG_5416

Copenhagen Roundup:

Copenhagen is full of beautiful people and they all speak English! They are all so nice

Our man, Frederik is bomb and the best airbnb host of my life. He got us in to Tivoli for free, packed us snacks for our day tour, and left us parfaits for our plane ride. andddd he didn’t hate us completely when he found out Natasha’s pesto from Italy had somehow leaked through into his coffee table. We love you!! *also the wifi was the best we had on the trip and we are forever grateful for that, we made great headway on Happy Endings <- so funny! we had never watched it and all three seasons are out!

It’s way easy to get around if you are a fearless individual on a too tall bike. I was game a couple of times but mostly I didn’t mind walking because I didn’t block traffic or have major anxiety.

People are so chill here. I get why Copenhagen is ranked the happiest place in the world to live.

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