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Chin Up Buttercup

I subscribe to Lenny and the Skimm, and in the early mornings when no one is in the library yet I read them to see what’s happening in the world. After I get the dl from my newsletters I check out npr, nytimes, and slate. yall, it’s not great out there right now. Everything I’m reading has gotten me more depressed every day with people’s actions. From Texas deciding to make women’s rights aren’t worth much to the attacks in Paris. ok yes and the fact Donald Trump is still somehow in the running for President. what. why.

I’ve decided to try in my own way to counter the bad news by sharing some good news.


Every 2nd and 4th Monday I volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in the evenings. Ronald McDonald House provides rooms for parents of pediatric patients for free or as low as $15/night. It’s a great service because rooms can be so expensive especially when you’re paying loads in medical bills and hospital parking is taking whatever you have left. (Seriously though it’s outrageous.) I bake cookies and deliver them to the patients. I’ve finally figured out the perfect way to cook them so they are still nice and gooey in the middle the way they like them. I’m slowing learning names and getting to know everyone, who the parents and grandparents are, and  what the best prizes to win at bingo are (ipod earphones). I feel honored to be there and see people at their most loving selves. Being able to hold space for strangers is pretty powerful stuff and even though I’m doing the smallest thing with my fresh out of the oven choc chip cookies, Mondays are my fav.

Take inspiration.   Song for a perfect day a la Elle Woods. Or maybe you’re feeling more awesome. Make your voice heard.

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