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40 Days of Yoga

Helloooo there!

My yoga studio has launched our 40 Days to Personal Revolution on Sunday and I’m pumpedddd. 40 days is based off Baron Baptiste’s book (see here) and it outlines the entire process.This guy is always wearing a bandanna, definitely rocks his own style and I dig it. You do you Baron.

The program includes daily meditation (2x a day), daily journaling (of your yoga practice, what you eat, feelings that come up), and daily yoga practice (6 out of 7 days a week). It’s pretty transformative and I love the community it builds within the studio, we are all doing this crazy thing together and know what each other is dealing with. Plus all the fun workshops!

How cute are these YogaOne girls?! love!

It’s officially day three and I’ve planned out all my yoga classes for the week. Today is Forrest with my girl Connie :)

I’m really excited to see how it all goes and hope I don’t collapse by the end of the week! More updates to come

xx Saryah

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