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Category: Weekend Links

Weekend Links

Helloooooo! Houston has decided to (briefly) stop raining this weekend so it’s off to the pool for me! Hope you can get out and enjoy the weather :)

To the links!

up your avocado game

summery iPhone cases (love #7)

heard about this play yesterday and wish I had seen it when it was in Austin!

twin -> daybed

I’ve been working on how I communicate and this essay says it all

10 easy hairstyles for the beach

can’t wait to dive into this book

girlfriend, yes

chocolate for breakfast?? tell me more!!

crushing on these rn

would you try the new it accessory?

bc sometimes you can’t leave your desk and you get hangry

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weekend links

I’m heading up to Austin this weekend to visit my sister! Items on the agenda: hike, hipster tea, polar bear plunge. Meep!

Have a great weekend!!! xx Saryah

Church-> super rad skatepark

Sriracha packets! Finally!

The Buddha Bowl you will want to eat for the rest of your life! I made it last night and am a believer :)

Your guide to white sneakers

For fellow elephant lovers

I love hearing what beauty products people use, thanks Top Shelf <3

Me, right now

Perfect for the chilly weekend ahead!

dainty finger tattoos

tiny home x luxury

Kate Moss inspo

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Have a Beautiful Weekend


December= everyone’s birthdays. Tonight I’m celebrating with my bestest!  Have you heard of acuyoga? Acupuncture and yoga combined! I’m trying it this weekend and a little nervous! see you on the other side :) have a beautiful weekend!

.. to the links!

GUYS! New season of Serial started yesterday!!!! In honor, I give you SNL’s Christmas Serial

Would you try hair perfume?

Whaaat? Good news actually making the news!?

Woah, christmas colored deviled eggs??

I don’t know what I’d wear this to, but look how cute!

JK Rowling = Queen of Everything

So cozy, so pretty!

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Hi friends! We made it to Friday!! I’m planning on downing tons of OJ in hopes of feeling better for my friend’s babyshower tomorrow, and finally make it to yoga without sneezing everywhere. or maybe cuddle up and watch lotr 2. so many choices! have a great weekend!

for everyone who has wanted to make spaghetti squash but was super confused (me)

I have only been waiting for this my entire life.

for all you germaphobes

I find it really difficult to stay up to date on PC terms (I’m such a grandma!). NYT coins a new term and it’s helpful!

I have been wishing someone could make me this list!


twice baked butternut squash! My love for butternut squash knows no bounds.

Do you agree? I didn’t read any of these!

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happy weekend!

I taught my first yoga class since taking my “sabbatical”, it was a last minute sub. There’s nothing like being thrown in to get back on your feet :) I’m off to nyc with my girl kb and pumped to go exploring! Have a great weekend <3

Philip Pullman wrote my second favorite series: His Dark Materials (first is Harry Potter obvs).  The books are so good!! Just like HP/LOTR/all other classics, the trilogy has stood the test of time and remains as interesting and thought provoking as it was the first go around. I’m beyond thrilled Philip Pullman has decided to grace us with another look into his world      !!!!!!!!!

This is all our song. Alanis Morrisette has updated Ironic and it will give you life. Possibly have watched it 6 times yesterday. sidenote: James Corden> Jimmy Fallon??

LOL this is so me. and everyone, right…??

Now that it’s finally, almost, kinda getting cool outside (whatup texas) I’m getting pumped about all the fall food!

SNL Bad Girls, ha!

Everyone around me seems to be getting these and I am super curious!

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I can’t believe fall/the holidays are right upon us! While I’m wrapping my head around that, I’m going to spend the weekend catching up with friends and family, and most importantly cleaning. Is fall cleaning a thing?

Have you ever wondered who decides the newest emojis? I haven’t updated my phone yet for the new ones but am excited for the curly hair emojis!!

I know it’s November when I start craving potatoes. Seriously any kind: cook ’em, smash ’em, put ’em in a stew.

Stop the presses!!! Emma Watson interviewed Malala and it’s extraordinary *heart eyes*

Dainty gold ring I’m eyeing

Celebrity odd couples seem to be all over the news lately

I’m weirdly loving Miley Cyrus’ cover of Hey Ya

Cycle class in a pool?! Count me in!

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Friday Favs

This dance crew from New Zealand is jaw dropping amazing in JB’s new music video!!

I am out of control excited for the Gilmore Girls revival. I need it like I need air.

DIY pun-kins just in time for Halloween

What a gorgeous living room!

Lord help me. It’s fall and all I want to do is bake.

There seems to be a lot of bad press about Texas right now and I’m totally embarrassed to call it home. I might jump on the bandwagon of the new Norwegian usage of Texas = crazy.

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Have a Beautiful Weekend

The weather has been so beautiful it feels like I’m not in Texas! I’m going to spend as much time as possible outdoors. I did just grease up the ol’ rollerblades…

To the links!

This song is made for the end of summer

For all of you looking for a little escape in nature

I love it when people actually believe the Onion. This time they did something different, or the same, and people are taking notice.

I’ve been following Sarah’s blog for seven years and she announced she recently got married! I love when people create meaningful moments without all the crazy hoopla :)

If it’s not a dry cut, you’re not touching my hair.

These flats are so sweet (and out of stock!)

Caffeinated peanut butter?? That’s a thing?


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