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Kiernan Shipka for President

Can I be real with yall for a second? I’m not 100% pleased with the candidate choices this year. Obviously more so with the GOP because it’s a nuthouse over there. Don’t even get me started on Trump. Or Palin…?! (get out of here this isn’t 2008! you’re 2000 and late gurl)

One of the major issues in this election is over gun control. I would love for everyone to stop being cray and realize what the second amendment is. Hi quick history lesson for the entire nation who I guess slept through it multiple times in their life: The second amendment was for regular citizens who formed the militia when needed. Because we were a baby country who didn’t supply the militia with guns so they brought their own.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Are you part of the US militia? No, then go away. The second amendment was not for you to be able to carry a hand gun into Kroger’s. (seriously why?)

Answer to the nation’s problem:


Enter the most perfect human ever, Kiernan Shipka. Yes she’s forever younger than me at 16, but anyone who can pull off this outfit deserves respect. Also she always knows whats up on the food scene. Thank you Kiernan Shipka for introducing me to Sqirl and the delicious rice breakfast bowl and brioche toast <3 (seriously go bc their brioche toast is to die for)

wasn’t joking about the toast. I never joke about toast

Top candidate Kiernan Shipka hangs out with more knowledgeable people (Amanda Stenberg) than half the other candidates and has good international diplomacy, as seen here with NZ native, Lorde (bow down)

That is all. Case closed. Bye haters.

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things I want to buy

I think I’m in the whole “new me, new stuff” head space and want to buy everything! You too? Here’s my list of things I’ve been craving.

Need this lush faux fur throw!!

Tree branch floor lamp **heart eye emoji** Something about this weather is making me want to nest really bad.

The prettiest lunch box

I’m always looking for a new/best blush, want to try this one!


perfect silk blouse (ok fine maybe not best suited for Houston’s hot weather but a girl can dream, right?)

Good Vibes Only throw pillow

PS. I finally got my much needed mug!

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Wish List

It’s December!!! My favorite month of the year. Not just because it’s a double wammy celebration of my birthday and Christmas, but because everyone seems a bit nicer around this time. Enough with the boring sentimental stuff.

Here are the items I’ve been eyeing..


iPhone holder for the car. I’m totally that dangerous person who has to keep looking down for directions.
cute prescription sunglasses to make life sooo much easier

a mug to make me smile (because someone keeps losing mine..)a new, classic Moleskine pocket planner

OR… for someone to fill up my bike tires because I’m too lazy to do it myself!



adult coloring book because it looks so fun
OR… I am always down for a trip to DryBar :)
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Absolutely Necessary Travel Accessories Or You Will Regret Life

Every time I travel I’m competing with myself, trying to pack even less than I did the last time. It’s weird I know. But because of this quirk I think I really got this what do I absolutely need when traveling thing down.

Quick rundown on the absolutely needed/mandatory: Clothes, duh. I might do another post about this because I have so much to say on loafers alone (recommend!). Basically I brought 4 grey shirts and I wish I had brought more. I didn’t realize how into this whole “uniform” thing I was/how seriously I appreciate a good grey tshirt. After I packed I looked at Natalie’s packing list because she is the ultimate cool girl and I was surprised I had unknowingly packed the exact same items! Does that make me the ultimate cool girl too?

Sidenote: Don’t bring a scarf. Unless you are going somewhere uber cold like Russia where it’s snowin’ and a blowin’, it’s more of a hassle. I find when I’m walking around a city I warm up quickly and then the scarf becomes too much and it won’t fit into my purse because my water bottle ahhh! scarf= not worth the trouble

Ok on to the Absolutely Necessary Travel Accessories Or You Will Regret Life

1. Water bottle, preferably the small camelbak. This baby will fit into all decent size purses and now you don’t have to pay crazy amounts for water. sidenote: guys, bring this empty bottle through airport security and then fill it up before the plane. I was shocked when my friends didn’t know this so I’m spreading the word!!

2. Spare phone battery charger. Life Saver. Seriously. Using maps and looking up yelp reviews (ok and instagramming) will drain your phone. My sister gave me mine and it’s was the most useful present I’ve ever received!

3. You will never regret bringing a neck pillow. Even for a domestic 3 hour flight. For real.

4. Ziploc bags. Hi, I’m actually your mom. and mom’s are always right ;) I’m constantly surprised by how often I use these when I travel, for make up, snacks, dirty clothes, pesto from Italy that might stain a coffee table… you just never know.

5. Actual travel-sized, face wash. I love face wipes, really,  they do it all! However they never really clean my face, and I can feel it. I travel with this face wash :)

6. E-reader device. A nook or download the Overdrive app to your phone, aren’t you happy you packed your spare phone battery charger? No matter where I go, I’m going to want a little down time and I’m going to want to read during that time. Bringing books doesn’t make sense and yall they are heavy. With Overdrive I could read a book in the evenings and have so many options to choose from depending on my mood.

These are things I learned the hard way that I absolutely need for any trip one month or shorter. Longer trips (3 months +) have the same back bone but will need a bit more, i.e. a spare hiking backpack. Seriously, I always end up hiking and never remember to bring one.

P.S. Check out what I packed for my weekend in Monterrey and a book to bring with you :)

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