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40 Days of Yoga

Helloooo there!

My yoga studio has launched our 40 Days to Personal Revolution on Sunday and I’m pumpedddd. 40 days is based off Baron Baptiste’s book (see here) and it outlines the entire process.This guy is always wearing a bandanna, definitely rocks his own style and I dig it. You do you Baron.

The program includes daily meditation (2x a day), daily journaling (of your yoga practice, what you eat, feelings that come up), and daily yoga practice (6 out of 7 days a week). It’s pretty transformative and I love the community it builds within the studio, we are all doing this crazy thing together and know what each other is dealing with. Plus all the fun workshops!

How cute are these YogaOne girls?! love!

It’s officially day three and I’ve planned out all my yoga classes for the week. Today is Forrest with my girl Connie :)

I’m really excited to see how it all goes and hope I don’t collapse by the end of the week! More updates to come

xx Saryah

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Long Weekend

When everyone is out of town for the long weekend and you have no one to hang with…

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Trying Something New: Blue October

I dragged my friend with me to see Blue October for the sole reason of hearing them play my 7th grade jam, Calling You. Ok yes still my jam to this day- I know all the words and nothing would make me happier than scream singing them.

Things I learned at a Blue October concert:

  1. I should probably only go to concerts where I know their songs
  2. Old people like Blue October too (like really old)
  3. Sometimes a band needs a 40 minute intermission (?????????????)
  4. You can look up a band’s set list online (amazing, thank you technology!)
  5. “Post rock instrumental” bands are a thing
  6. I will only buy seat tickets because standing is for youths.

IMG_6629(said post rock instrumental band from Austin)

We ended leaving early because it was kinda the worst concert I have ever been to. And they didn’t even play Calling You. I checked. Online.


I’m all for trying something new and always hope for the best, because how great is it when you go out on a limb and it’s a giant success! happy day! shout from the roof tops! annnnd sometimes trying something new leaves you with a fun story for your next trying something new adventure (or awkward work party) :)

xx Saryah



How is everyone feeling post Thanksgiving? survived? I definitely had a few “noooo familyyyy” moments but made it through unscathed. my shins/hamstrings/legs, not so much. we did the turkey trot 5k in the morning and ran into all my high school peeps, keeping it real on tday.

IMG_6612My new yoga pants look bomb so I count it as a win! especially worth it when i saw all the pies my cousin made. She’s so talented! they look straight from a fancy cookbook! IMG_6615

As per tradition we ate tamales and I loaded up on all the potato side dishes, rolls, and green bean casserole. I came prepared by wearing my most forgiving (baggiest) dress and ready for seconds. because I think we can all agree that: 

amen. now truth time: I have never done black friday. I’m too scared. what if I die while trying to score my glass tuber ware containers ($20 sale!!!) so I can easily reheat my lunch at work? not the way I want to go. enter cyber Monday, now this I can get behind. truth time part 2: I never have taken advantage of this new phenomenon. until today!! the JCrew gods have heard my pleas and I bought the pixie pants on sale for $54! I got the short style/petite this time and hopefully they will fit better! short problems, amirite? I plan on wearing the stat for the foreseeable future because leftovers haha ;)

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Chin Up Buttercup

I subscribe to Lenny and the Skimm, and in the early mornings when no one is in the library yet I read them to see what’s happening in the world. After I get the dl from my newsletters I check out npr, nytimes, and slate. yall, it’s not great out there right now. Everything I’m reading has gotten me more depressed every day with people’s actions. From Texas deciding to make women’s rights aren’t worth much to the attacks in Paris. ok yes and the fact Donald Trump is still somehow in the running for President. what. why.

I’ve decided to try in my own way to counter the bad news by sharing some good news.


Every 2nd and 4th Monday I volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in the evenings. Ronald McDonald House provides rooms for parents of pediatric patients for free or as low as $15/night. It’s a great service because rooms can be so expensive especially when you’re paying loads in medical bills and hospital parking is taking whatever you have left. (Seriously though it’s outrageous.) I bake cookies and deliver them to the patients. I’ve finally figured out the perfect way to cook them so they are still nice and gooey in the middle the way they like them. I’m slowing learning names and getting to know everyone, who the parents and grandparents are, and  what the best prizes to win at bingo are (ipod earphones). I feel honored to be there and see people at their most loving selves. Being able to hold space for strangers is pretty powerful stuff and even though I’m doing the smallest thing with my fresh out of the oven choc chip cookies, Mondays are my fav.

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Monday Jams

Do yall have a song that when it comes on you pump your fist in the air and yell “YESSSSSS!” ?? you too? good.

I practically danced my way from the parking garage into work this morning and it’s all because of my number one jam. And as fate would have it my number two was right after.

who said monday’s have to be so bad?


Have a Lovely Weekend!

Because Paris on my mind and in all our hearts.

… to the links!

beautiful boho bungalow

Tiny house for the win!

Yummmm. need to make this for Thanksgiving

I’m not one to talk about weddings (or anything related) but you have to look at this

mountain wall mural is like a giant watercolor! so pretty!

she’s back, baby!

Yessss! perfect when answering the round of holiday questions from all the fam

I probably do all of these wrong

Closet ideas for the inner minimalist in us all


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