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Galentine’s Day

Oh Leslie Knope. there is so much to thank you for (waffles, weird compliments, more waffles..) but the best thing you have bequeathed the world is Galentine’s Day. What is Galentine’s Day you ask?

Obvs I’m into this. Waffles seemed a bit messy so we went with spaghetti and meatballs because that’s romantic a la Lady and the Tramp but also something you would never eat on an actual date :) mostly I was super excited about this fancy water.


Isn’t it the prettiest water you ever did see?? shout out to pinterest for bringing this into my life! Seriously have never been so proud. My entire life has been leading to lemon + raspberry water




I think Leslie Knope would be proud. We did good girl. And yes I screenshot my friend’s snap haha I forgot to take pictures other than of the water!


Have yall checked out Rachel Antonoff’s line? She’s a genius and once I saw Jamie Lee Curtis/Dean Munsch rocking the uterus sweater I immediately had to purchase this shirt. Uteruses before duderuses!

My favorite part of the night (other than the bomb brownie with fudge and strawberries on top) was us going around the table saying what we loved most about ourselves. Me: Right now I’m diggin’ my hair. Ever since my new haircut things have been falling into place beautifully and I feel like Houston’s humidity has got nothing on me. sassy hair. haha when you have battled with humidity for this long it’s a triumph people! the girls had such sweet things to say and I love that we all had a moment to shine. And of course we rounded out the evening watching a Rachel McAdam’s film, About Time, which honestly has one of the nicest soundtracks.

Happy Galentine’s Day!

xx Saryah

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Rookie Mistake

When you decide to “get out of your comfort zone” by choosing a different spot in yoga and then you realize it’s directly underneath the heater and slowly start to die from the inside out.

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Trying Something New: Blue October

I dragged my friend with me to see Blue October for the sole reason of hearing them play my 7th grade jam, Calling You. Ok yes still my jam to this day- I know all the words and nothing would make me happier than scream singing them.

Things I learned at a Blue October concert:

  1. I should probably only go to concerts where I know their songs
  2. Old people like Blue October too (like really old)
  3. Sometimes a band needs a 40 minute intermission (?????????????)
  4. You can look up a band’s set list online (amazing, thank you technology!)
  5. “Post rock instrumental” bands are a thing
  6. I will only buy seat tickets because standing is for youths.

IMG_6629(said post rock instrumental band from Austin)

We ended leaving early because it was kinda the worst concert I have ever been to. And they didn’t even play Calling You. I checked. Online.


I’m all for trying something new and always hope for the best, because how great is it when you go out on a limb and it’s a giant success! happy day! shout from the roof tops! annnnd sometimes trying something new leaves you with a fun story for your next trying something new adventure (or awkward work party) :)

xx Saryah



We need to talk about yesterday. Pro: I taught yoga in the library and was a baller.

Con: I had my (supposed to be) yearly gyno appointment.

I love my gyno, she makes fun chatter and we both pretend she isn’t touching me everywhere while I’m naked.

The whole experience can be summed up in this short convo..

Doc: Any questions?

Me: … mmm yes. What would you say is more accurate, the scale in the hallway or an electronic one?
Doc: electronic, the scale outside is 3 lbs heavy. Oh us girls haha
I’ve always had three people in the room which I think is the law (witness for proof doctors don’t abuse you in anyway) and never been to bothered by it. Until today. At the end of the interview? As she was exiting the room the nurse casually turns to me and says: oh I frequent the place you work, maybe I’ve even talked to you on the phone to request books. I’ll probably see you soon. my reply: Oh great! *nervous laugh* see you soon!
I can’t think of anything more horrifying than someone seeing your entire gyno exam and then seeing them on the reg at work. oh sweet baby jesus.
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