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Book Review: The One & Only

As much as I don’t want to talk about this book, we have to.  I picked it out from the library because I remembered the author, Emily Giffin, had wrote the book which the Kate Hudson film, Something Borrowed, was based off of. This should have been an omen as I hadn’t liked the movie because I thought that all the characters were crappy people/friends to each other. But I needed an easy read between reading the more denser ones on my list, enter this horror fest.

The Plot: the main character is Shea, a 33 year old football enthusiast and wannabe sports writer. Her bff’s mom died and the book opens with the funeral. And Shea’s overconcern/suspicious behavior to her bff’s dad, the town’s legendary Coach Clive Carr (alliteration amirite?).  I was all “nahhh surely not. nope, she isn’t gonna go there”. yall. she went there. spoiler! a romance develops. I have straight up never felt so uncomfortable reading a book. why oh why did Emily Giffin think this was an appealing book that many people would connect to? Here is a “reputable” review of the book:

“To fill your Friday Night Lights void: A tale of die-hard love in a diehard Texas football town from the bestselling author of Something Borrowed.”—Cosmopolitan

Excuse me Cosmo, that is an insult to both Friday Night Lights and all of Texas. As much as I only want to review my fave books and give yall great recommends, I want to be honest about what I read. the good and the bad! Here’s to the next book being wayyy better.

My official review score: 1/5

Average score on Goodreads: 3/5

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