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Book Review: The Martian

Yall I did not want to read this. Mostly because I kept seeing Matt Damon’s mug everywhere. Yes I love Matt Damon too but seriously I can’t take this seriously:

The movie looked silly and I thought the book couldn’t be much better. That is until I read this review and my mind did a 180.

The Martian by Andy Weir centers around Mark Watney who is accidentally (serious bad luck man) left on Mars after his crew thinks he is dead. He needs to survive on the planet with limited resources for 4 years until the next mission. Question is, how? For Mark Watney the answer is clear: potatoes.  Guys, without Watney’s crazy thoughts/inner dialouge this book (and I assume movie) would be nothing.  Some might ask why is this dude cracking all these jokes when he’s going to die fo’ sho? Wouldn’t you? I could only hope I was as funny as this guy when I’m stranded on an alien planet!

Favorite Quotes from my main man Mark:

“Fear my botany powers!”

“Godspeed, little taters.”

The Martian is a surprisingly quick read! I became so invested in the main character I didn’t mind all the sciencey talk. I would have loved a longer ending but I get that it’s just not the style the book was about and you got to stick to what is true to the book. The Martian is hilarious! I definitely recommend, especially if you plan to watch the movie!!

Goodreads Average Review: 4.38

My Official Review: 4/5

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