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Book Review: Girl On The Train


sooooo I think I might be the only person who didn’t like this book. Here’s how I saw it.

main girl: drunk and a hot mess, ruining everyone’s lives

mystery girl/couple that main girl sees from train: super boring

main girl’s ex husband and his new fam: I couldn’t get interested bc I was wondering why main girl isn’t in mandatory rehab yet

main girl’s roommate: yo, I felt way bad for this chick. she felt bad for main girl and let her live in her apartment and main girl keeps barfing and peeing everywhere

obviously I stopped halfway and looked up the ending. I’m not even shocked by how it all turned out. I felt like it was trying to hard to be Gone Girl but without me being invested in anything that was happening.

This article goes into the idea of why adding the word “Girl” into a book title adds to the marketing and thrillers that we love.

my review: 2/5 , because I appreciate creativity

average review on goodreads: 3.8/5

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