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Book Review: All The Light We Cannot See

All The Light We Cannot See takes place before/during/and just a wee bit after WWII. I would categorize it under historical fiction with an undercurrent of fantasy or otherness, which is actually a bomb category if there was one! At first you aren’t sure if the if the before is flashbacks or what you think is the present is flashforwards so it’s a bit confusing. I like the way the author ties all the individual tales together in a not obvious way. It’s a lovely novel.

And yet.. I couldn’t help but feel I had been here before. To me All The Light We Cannot See is a lesser version of The Book Thief. A way less emotional, leave me because I have no emotions left version. So while it’s a good and weirdly fast read, if you have read The Book Thief I would say you can pass this one for another on your book bucket list.

Overall rating: 3/5


  1. Sonia Sonia

    Would you believe I just finished reading this book tonight around 6ish? Too coincidental. And I just re-read The Book Thief 1-2 weeks ago!!
    I liked both, the latter, more.
    I thought it was well written n would recommend it! 4/5 rating

  2. Saryah Saryah

    That’s crazy! Meant to be!

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