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Trying Something New: Blue October

I dragged my friend with me to see Blue October for the sole reason of hearing them play my 7th grade jam, Calling You. Ok yes still my jam to this day- I know all the words and nothing would make me happier than scream singing them.

Things I learned at a Blue October concert:

  1. I should probably only go to concerts where I know their songs
  2. Old people like Blue October too (like really old)
  3. Sometimes a band needs a 40 minute intermission (?????????????)
  4. You can look up a band’s set list online (amazing, thank you technology!)
  5. “Post rock instrumental” bands are a thing
  6. I will only buy seat tickets because standing is for youths.

IMG_6629(said post rock instrumental band from Austin)

We ended leaving early because it was kinda the worst concert I have ever been to. And they didn’t even play Calling You. I checked. Online.


I’m all for trying something new and always hope for the best, because how great is it when you go out on a limb and it’s a giant success! happy day! shout from the roof tops! annnnd sometimes trying something new leaves you with a fun story for your next trying something new adventure (or awkward work party) :)

xx Saryah


  1. Huh. I actually thought about going to see Blue October when they came to Portland, but decided against it because it was standing room only. I’m over doing that. Glad to know I’m not missing anything…and someone else wanted to see them based on that song :D

  2. Saryah Saryah

    Ha! I love that I’m not the only one who is over standing during a concert! Seriously “Calling You” is my jam for life! So gutted they didn’t play it

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