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Alan Rickman

I am simultaneously all three of these emotions:

From Sense and Sensibility to Robin Hood to HP, Alan Rickman I loved in you them all.  Idk how this man never got nominated for an oscar. I call shananigans. Who else could make you love a character who in the book is a straight up psychopath and you’re like wtf dumbles how could you let this man near children?????! Enter one beautiful Alan Rickman. Game changer.

Can we all take a moment to remember how JK Rowling told him a secret about Snape’s character that he never  revealed?! I always said if anything were to happen I would want him as my secret keeper bc he fo’ sho’ knows how to keep one!

Our main man was also an advocate for the HP books:

“The books are so full of all you need to know and so full of details,” Rickman says. “That’s why when I meet children and I ask, ‘Have you read the books?’ And they say, ‘No, no, we just them on TV.’ Then I say, ‘Well, you’ve got to start reading the books.’  And, of course, many of them do and become hooked in a very different way.”
Guys! And!! he went and saw Daniel Radcliffe twice in his run for “How to Succeed in Business..” play. the sweetest.
summary: Alan Rickman For Always

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