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How is everyone feeling post Thanksgiving? survived? I definitely had a few “noooo familyyyy” moments but made it through unscathed. my shins/hamstrings/legs, not so much. we did the turkey trot 5k in the morning and ran into all my high school peeps, keeping it real on tday.

IMG_6612My new yoga pants look bomb so I count it as a win! especially worth it when i saw all the pies my cousin made. She’s so talented! they look straight from a fancy cookbook! IMG_6615

As per tradition we ate tamales and I loaded up on all the potato side dishes, rolls, and green bean casserole. I came prepared by wearing my most forgiving (baggiest) dress and ready for seconds. because I think we can all agree that: 

amen. now truth time: I have never done black friday. I’m too scared. what if I die while trying to score my glass tuber ware containers ($20 sale!!!) so I can easily reheat my lunch at work? not the way I want to go. enter cyber Monday, now this I can get behind. truth time part 2: I never have taken advantage of this new phenomenon. until today!! the JCrew gods have heard my pleas and I bought the pixie pants on sale for $54! I got the short style/petite this time and hopefully they will fit better! short problems, amirite? I plan on wearing the stat for the foreseeable future because leftovers haha ;)

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