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Month: December 2015



Hi friends! We made it to Friday!! I’m planning on downing tons of OJ in hopes of feeling better for my friend’s babyshower tomorrow, and finally make it to yoga without sneezing everywhere. or maybe cuddle up and watch lotr 2. so many choices! have a great weekend!

for everyone who has wanted to make spaghetti squash but was super confused (me)

I have only been waiting for this my entire life.

for all you germaphobes

I find it really difficult to stay up to date on PC terms (I’m such a grandma!). NYT coins a new term and it’s helpful!

I have been wishing someone could make me this list!


twice baked butternut squash! My love for butternut squash knows no bounds.

Do you agree? I didn’t read any of these!

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Do you have a movie you watch when you’re sick? My friend’s movie is The Mighty Ducks (yes she’s Canadian). Mine is Lord of the Rings, really any but preferably the first, that way if I’m really sick then I can continue with the second and third. Something comforting about the fact I can fall asleep and wake up multiple times and the movie will still be playing.

Ps. I kinda look like Gollum right now. Especially when the soup I ordered ended up not being butternut squash but some sort of bisque? #drama

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Wish List

It’s December!!! My favorite month of the year. Not just because it’s a double wammy celebration of my birthday and Christmas, but because everyone seems a bit nicer around this time. Enough with the boring sentimental stuff.

Here are the items I’ve been eyeing..


iPhone holder for the car. I’m totally that dangerous person who has to keep looking down for directions.
cute prescription sunglasses to make life sooo much easier

a mug to make me smile (because someone keeps losing mine..)a new, classic Moleskine pocket planner

OR… for someone to fill up my bike tires because I’m too lazy to do it myself!



adult coloring book because it looks so fun
OR… I am always down for a trip to DryBar :)
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We need to talk about yesterday. Pro: I taught yoga in the library and was a baller.

Con: I had my (supposed to be) yearly gyno appointment.

I love my gyno, she makes fun chatter and we both pretend she isn’t touching me everywhere while I’m naked.

The whole experience can be summed up in this short convo..

Doc: Any questions?

Me: … mmm yes. What would you say is more accurate, the scale in the hallway or an electronic one?
Doc: electronic, the scale outside is 3 lbs heavy. Oh us girls haha
I’ve always had three people in the room which I think is the law (witness for proof doctors don’t abuse you in anyway) and never been to bothered by it. Until today. At the end of the interview? As she was exiting the room the nurse casually turns to me and says: oh I frequent the place you work, maybe I’ve even talked to you on the phone to request books. I’ll probably see you soon. my reply: Oh great! *nervous laugh* see you soon!
I can’t think of anything more horrifying than someone seeing your entire gyno exam and then seeing them on the reg at work. oh sweet baby jesus.
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NYC Travel

Remember how I went to nyc with my gurl Kayla? I finally got around to posting the pictures (the ones I could find..).  spoiler: we did see MK & A, or dress up like them (against my sincere wishes)

KB wanted to go to this fancy candle store and all I could think of was the candle vlogger from Scream Queens haha. Please say you have watched it because it’s a total gem of a show. Yep, she’s totally eating candle wax..

… but back to the story. Fancy candles! Yall I need a card catalog cabinet like I candle vlogger girl needs candle wax.
IMG_6521IMG_6522It was a real ~hipster~ place. Please note the typewriter which I’m sure is used daily.IMG_6523IMG_6538 cuteeeeee. in case you can’t tell we spent all Saturday in SoHo shopping :) This jewelry place was so cute, it had a tea house at the front of the store and I could hang out there all day. also the guy working there was wearing a poncho and I wanted to be his friend. IMG_6527after we stopped in the MAC store so I could try on the “snob” lipstick that I’m always hearing about.


breaktime. gotta talk FOOD. Dinner: Beauty and Essex, a lounge hidden behind a pawn shop. I’ve always wanted to go to one of those hip and happening places so it was fun to see what they were like! rec: definitely get the grilled cheese and tomato soup dumplings! so yum! desserts were kinda gross though. Breakfast: Absolute Bagels was an obvious choice, and right down the street from our friend’s place! Lunch: we got hungry walking around SoHo (ok mostly I needed to pee) and KB spotted Lafayette. Real talk. this was the best bacon of my life. I realize my salad looks like dead grass but swear it was yummy! Brunch: Claudette, if Anthropologie served food. The End All Be All: Levain Bakery– get the chocolate peanut butter cookie, you won’t regret it. seriously.

IMG_6534check out texas, looking good yall.

aaaaand drum roll please! THE PENCIL STORE. I’m so glad KB didn’t mind me dragging her to CW Pencil it was so rad! A tiny little store but it was packed with people. I got the Ben Franklin pencil (obviously). Please note my other purchase of the day, my new hat! so nyc right?IMG_6549IMG_6542raise your hand if you can remember using the pencil machine! IMG_6543The owner was there and rang me up. Her pencil tattoo is super cool and I mentioned I had read the NYTimes article about the store (such a suckup), she said it changed everything for them! now that’s good press.

but back to food. this is hands down the best home made pizza. I don’t know how or why but it tis. Public apology for doubting if it was correct amount of cheese because it so was. I know this is a crummy photo of the meal but take a mo’ to appreciate the homemade croutons as well! Beyonce would be so proud.IMG_6563not pictured: Princess Diaries on in the background IMG_6567IMG_6571last but not least, shout out to my girl Kathleen KellyIMG_6590ehhhhh see it? cannn you feeeel the loooove tonight dododooo

next trip must haves: participate in the Great Cookie Debate, Earth Room, Teddy Roosevelt’s childhood home, dress like I’m in a New York Minute 

PS. In case you missed it! Scotland Travel, London Travel, and Copenhagen Travel

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