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Month: November 2015


How is everyone feeling post Thanksgiving? survived? I definitely had a few “noooo familyyyy” moments but made it through unscathed. my shins/hamstrings/legs, not so much. we did the turkey trot 5k in the morning and ran into all my high school peeps, keeping it real on tday.

IMG_6612My new yoga pants look bomb so I count it as a win! especially worth it when i saw all the pies my cousin made. She’s so talented! they look straight from a fancy cookbook! IMG_6615

As per tradition we ate tamales and I loaded up on all the potato side dishes, rolls, and green bean casserole. I came prepared by wearing my most forgiving (baggiest) dress and ready for seconds. because I think we can all agree that: 

amen. now truth time: I have never done black friday. I’m too scared. what if I die while trying to score my glass tuber ware containers ($20 sale!!!) so I can easily reheat my lunch at work? not the way I want to go. enter cyber Monday, now this I can get behind. truth time part 2: I never have taken advantage of this new phenomenon. until today!! the JCrew gods have heard my pleas and I bought the pixie pants on sale for $54! I got the short style/petite this time and hopefully they will fit better! short problems, amirite? I plan on wearing the stat for the foreseeable future because leftovers haha ;)

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Monday Jams

Listened to this song on repeat on the way to work today! I’m starting to realize I listen to a lot of songs on repeat, that’s a thing right? It’s also what got me through my half marathon in the end, thank you Icona Pop! Another fav to jam out to in the am is the ever classic Karmin.

xx S

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Officially Non News

I have seen this particular non news on Buzzfeed and Refinery29, both claiming that no one, even the most true HP fans, ever noticed this “well kept secret”. The secret being that the *spoiler* (though if you haven’t read/seen the movies by now your life is forfeit) locket horcrux they found in book 7 was introduced in passing in book 5. duh. sigggghhhh. *insert biggest of all time eye roll*

Here’s my girl Hermione dropping some knowledge:

“. . . at the time,” she finished in a whisper.

“Something wrong?” asked Ron.

“There was a locket.”

“What?” said Harry and Ron together.

“In the cabinet in the drawing room. Nobody could open it. And we . . . we . . .

Harry felt as though a brick had slid down through his chest into his stomach. He remembered: He had even handled the thing as they passed it around, each trying in turn to prise it open. It had been tossed into a sack of rubbish, along with the snuffbox of Wart- cap powder and the music box that had made everyone sleepy. . .” -HP7

My favorite comments below these ridiculous articles are:

  • “Anyone who missed the significance of the locket in Half-Blood Prince is a filthy Muggle.”
  • “Other things Buzzfeed writers just found out about Harry Potter: he’s a wizard, he’s a male, he’s British, he wears glasses.

dear millennial *journalists, sort yourselves out.

*not actually journalists because you didn’t do your research. bye.


Chin Up Buttercup

I subscribe to Lenny and the Skimm, and in the early mornings when no one is in the library yet I read them to see what’s happening in the world. After I get the dl from my newsletters I check out npr, nytimes, and slate. yall, it’s not great out there right now. Everything I’m reading has gotten me more depressed every day with people’s actions. From Texas deciding to make women’s rights aren’t worth much to the attacks in Paris. ok yes and the fact Donald Trump is still somehow in the running for President. what. why.

I’ve decided to try in my own way to counter the bad news by sharing some good news.


Every 2nd and 4th Monday I volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in the evenings. Ronald McDonald House provides rooms for parents of pediatric patients for free or as low as $15/night. It’s a great service because rooms can be so expensive especially when you’re paying loads in medical bills and hospital parking is taking whatever you have left. (Seriously though it’s outrageous.) I bake cookies and deliver them to the patients. I’ve finally figured out the perfect way to cook them so they are still nice and gooey in the middle the way they like them. I’m slowing learning names and getting to know everyone, who the parents and grandparents are, and  what the best prizes to win at bingo are (ipod earphones). I feel honored to be there and see people at their most loving selves. Being able to hold space for strangers is pretty powerful stuff and even though I’m doing the smallest thing with my fresh out of the oven choc chip cookies, Mondays are my fav.

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Monday Jams

Do yall have a song that when it comes on you pump your fist in the air and yell “YESSSSSS!” ?? you too? good.

I practically danced my way from the parking garage into work this morning and it’s all because of my number one jam. And as fate would have it my number two was right after.

who said monday’s have to be so bad?


Have a Lovely Weekend!

Because Paris on my mind and in all our hearts.

… to the links!

beautiful boho bungalow

Tiny house for the win!

Yummmm. need to make this for Thanksgiving

I’m not one to talk about weddings (or anything related) but you have to look at this

mountain wall mural is like a giant watercolor! so pretty!

she’s back, baby!

Yessss! perfect when answering the round of holiday questions from all the fam

I probably do all of these wrong

Closet ideas for the inner minimalist in us all


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Book Review: The One & Only

As much as I don’t want to talk about this book, we have to.  I picked it out from the library because I remembered the author, Emily Giffin, had wrote the book which the Kate Hudson film, Something Borrowed, was based off of. This should have been an omen as I hadn’t liked the movie because I thought that all the characters were crappy people/friends to each other. But I needed an easy read between reading the more denser ones on my list, enter this horror fest.

The Plot: the main character is Shea, a 33 year old football enthusiast and wannabe sports writer. Her bff’s mom died and the book opens with the funeral. And Shea’s overconcern/suspicious behavior to her bff’s dad, the town’s legendary Coach Clive Carr (alliteration amirite?).  I was all “nahhh surely not. nope, she isn’t gonna go there”. yall. she went there. spoiler! a romance develops. I have straight up never felt so uncomfortable reading a book. why oh why did Emily Giffin think this was an appealing book that many people would connect to? Here is a “reputable” review of the book:

“To fill your Friday Night Lights void: A tale of die-hard love in a diehard Texas football town from the bestselling author of Something Borrowed.”—Cosmopolitan

Excuse me Cosmo, that is an insult to both Friday Night Lights and all of Texas. As much as I only want to review my fave books and give yall great recommends, I want to be honest about what I read. the good and the bad! Here’s to the next book being wayyy better.

My official review score: 1/5

Average score on Goodreads: 3/5

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Harry Anniversary!

My friend reminded me that yesterday was the anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone premiere. Wahoooooo! Sadly this is the only film I didn’t go to the midnight showing for. On the other hand, this is the film my mom accidentally bought on the black market in nyc, “look how cheap I got this for!” oh geez haha.

Shout out to the best dumbledore ever, Richard Harris. You never would have gone crazy.


It’s crazy how much time has passed and that I am still talking about it :)

Harry Anniversary, Potterheads. I adumbledore you.


happy weekend!

I taught my first yoga class since taking my “sabbatical”, it was a last minute sub. There’s nothing like being thrown in to get back on your feet :) I’m off to nyc with my girl kb and pumped to go exploring! Have a great weekend <3

Philip Pullman wrote my second favorite series: His Dark Materials (first is Harry Potter obvs).  The books are so good!! Just like HP/LOTR/all other classics, the trilogy has stood the test of time and remains as interesting and thought provoking as it was the first go around. I’m beyond thrilled Philip Pullman has decided to grace us with another look into his world      !!!!!!!!!

This is all our song. Alanis Morrisette has updated Ironic and it will give you life. Possibly have watched it 6 times yesterday. sidenote: James Corden> Jimmy Fallon??

LOL this is so me. and everyone, right…??

Now that it’s finally, almost, kinda getting cool outside (whatup texas) I’m getting pumped about all the fall food!

SNL Bad Girls, ha!

Everyone around me seems to be getting these and I am super curious!

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