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Month: September 2015

The Most Harry Potter Day Ever

I’m in London traveling for a bit before my cousin gets married in Scotland (!!!!) and have been been having the best time. And then… the moment I realize I’m going to be in London on September 1st:

Items on the agenda.. first things first. To Platform 9 3/4!!!!


at 10:15 b/c I’m a total Hermione and want to find a good compartment :)

Step 2. Tat it up.IMG_4907

Step 3. Decide to finally go into the HP store next to 9 3/4 (cuz you know it’s too expensive so why bother?) b/c it’s Sept 1 and you’re on vacation. NO RULES.IMG_4887

I got bond with some other peeps in the store by complimenting their sewing skills, a girl made her own Hogwarts’ robes! The store was so backed and housed many trinkets, I ended up getting a Hogwarts express chocolate bar and maybe creepily whispered: “I haven’t poisoned that chocolate, you know.. ” maybe..


The line has tripled in size! Most likely bc it was reaching that magical hour of 11 AM. Hurry before the train leaves you! (yes i’m chuckling at my joke)

Step 4. SCONES


Bill’s is right by Kings Cross and is super cute hipster. It’s my favorite scone place so far. The scones are more crispy, and make sure to take the flour off before you take a bite! The only downside was the tea (berry bramble) was totally lacking. Maybe a nice peppermint? Recommend for sure!!

Step 5. Now rejuvenated, to the ministry to kidnap some peeps!IMG_4900

muahahaha! Saw this on pinterest and had to! This area was a total ghost town expect for random business men stepping out for a smoke.

Step 6. Shoot forgot some vanishing ink. Got to hit up Diagon AlleyIMG_4901

Step 7. Hungry and decide to try one of Buzzfeed’s recommendations to mediocre success IMG_4902[1]

Step 8. Pay homage to the great and wonderful HP books by seeing the play Dear Lupin (obvious reasons) and it’s a bit weird and a bit sadIMG_4905

Step 9.  Always. 

PS. London Part 1 & Part III


London Travel Part I


“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking for him to love her.” yesss. Went to Notting Hill yesterday!


Was way to early for the Notting Hill Carnival. I went in the am and apparently the party doesn’t start till evening but saw people setting up. Then I got stuck there for an hour or so because no transportation was able to get in! I guess I can’t complain too much because I was excited to walk around :)

After the Tower of London I went to Teapod and had my first scone of the trip! I’m using the London Scone Review as my go to for best scones to try. How genius is the blog? I too would love to go have afternoon tea twice a week!

Each time I visit the Tower of London I swear the Beefeater (official tour guide/guard) is the funniest yet. But seriously this guy was a hoot. I’m pretty sure this is him, upon gathering everyone up for the tour saying, “I seem expensive perfume. and pancakes” ha!

FullSizeRender (3)

Day 2!

I went to Hampton Court and got seriously lost in the maze. As in I almost admitted defeat and called for someone to save me.


FullSizeRender (5)

me only slightly freaking out.. I then spotted the outside and all was right in the world!

Since we’re on the subject.. Me walking around the gardens. sidnote to my haters (re: my siblings). My loafers are killing it! I’m pretty sure these bad boys saved my life (feet) and are the most comfortable things ever. London is saturated with loafers. and nikes. end of rant/told ya i’m cool.

FullSizeRender (2)

Covent Garden!!! Real talk: I would never normally tell people to visit Covent Garden. I might say, “There are usually cool street performers doing magic and stuff. It’s gotten pretty posh. or maybe has always been posh and I never noticed.”

The main reason I visit is to find my favorite candy :) and if i have spare time I wander around. Lo, yesterday was a totally different experience friends!

First off, the balloon installation! How neat! Then I remembered Shake Shack! I’m pretty sure it only exists in NYC, lononders don’t realize how lucky they are. I was curious to see if they had the new chicken sandwich I’ve been hearing about but alas, wasn’t meant to be. So I went with an oldie but a goodie. (also the concretes are fab)

FullSizeRender (1)

This guy was amazing! No lie. I first sat down to rest and then stayed for his entire set.


Check these cuties out!

FullSizeRender (1)

The absolute cutest! I can’t tell if people were clapping for them or the actual musician.


And finally, the scone of the day. I almost didn’t go but boy am I glad I did!

IMG_4877It’s right in Covent Garden, called BB’s Bakery. It was darling. The scone of course delicious!  I liked the better than the teapod because i’m totally partial to plain vs sultana scones.

The best Covent Garden experience to date! So don’t take my advice, go!

More scone news to come.. xx

P.S. London Part II and how to see all the Harry Potter Sites in London without having to pay!