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Weekend Links

Helloooooo! Houston has decided to (briefly) stop raining this weekend so it’s off to the pool for me! Hope you can get out and enjoy the weather :)

To the links!

up your avocado game

summery iPhone cases (love #7)

heard about this play yesterday and wish I had seen it when it was in Austin!

twin -> daybed

I’ve been working on how I communicate and this essay says it all

10 easy hairstyles for the beach

can’t wait to dive into this book

girlfriend, yes

chocolate for breakfast?? tell me more!!

crushing on these rn

would you try the new it accessory?

bc sometimes you can’t leave your desk and you get hangry

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Book Review: Girl On The Train


sooooo I think I might be the only person who didn’t like this book. Here’s how I saw it.

main girl: drunk and a hot mess, ruining everyone’s lives

mystery girl/couple that main girl sees from train: super boring

main girl’s ex husband and his new fam: I couldn’t get interested bc I was wondering why main girl isn’t in mandatory rehab yet

main girl’s roommate: yo, I felt way bad for this chick. she felt bad for main girl and let her live in her apartment and main girl keeps barfing and peeing everywhere

obviously I stopped halfway and looked up the ending. I’m not even shocked by how it all turned out. I felt like it was trying to hard to be Gone Girl but without me being invested in anything that was happening.

This article goes into the idea of why adding the word “Girl” into a book title adds to the marketing and thrillers that we love.

my review: 2/5 , because I appreciate creativity

average review on goodreads: 3.8/5

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Galentine’s Day

Oh Leslie Knope. there is so much to thank you for (waffles, weird compliments, more waffles..) but the best thing you have bequeathed the world is Galentine’s Day. What is Galentine’s Day you ask?

Obvs I’m into this. Waffles seemed a bit messy so we went with spaghetti and meatballs because that’s romantic a la Lady and the Tramp but also something you would never eat on an actual date :) mostly I was super excited about this fancy water.


Isn’t it the prettiest water you ever did see?? shout out to pinterest for bringing this into my life! Seriously have never been so proud. My entire life has been leading to lemon + raspberry water




I think Leslie Knope would be proud. We did good girl. And yes I screenshot my friend’s snap haha I forgot to take pictures other than of the water!


Have yall checked out Rachel Antonoff’s line? She’s a genius and once I saw Jamie Lee Curtis/Dean Munsch rocking the uterus sweater I immediately had to purchase this shirt. Uteruses before duderuses!

My favorite part of the night (other than the bomb brownie with fudge and strawberries on top) was us going around the table saying what we loved most about ourselves. Me: Right now I’m diggin’ my hair. Ever since my new haircut things have been falling into place beautifully and I feel like Houston’s humidity has got nothing on me. sassy hair. haha when you have battled with humidity for this long it’s a triumph people! the girls had such sweet things to say and I love that we all had a moment to shine. And of course we rounded out the evening watching a Rachel McAdam’s film, About Time, which honestly has one of the nicest soundtracks.

Happy Galentine’s Day!

xx Saryah

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So Much Etc

Hiiii it’s been a hot minute

Quick life update:

This yoga challenge has been kicking my butt and I’m so grateful for it #yogaeverydamnday

Last month I accidently (and tragically) washed my favorite sweater (ok not really a sweater but in Texas it is..) instead of dry cleaning it. I looked and looked for it but couldn’t find it on JCrew’s website or in store. until yesterday!! Do yourself a favor and get one! Or three like I did because I’m not ever letting this baby go!

I enjoy spin classes?! No one is more surprised than me. Truly.

I got these beautiful loafers!! Life will never be the same <3

Currently reading this

Tonight my friends and I are celebrating Galentine’s Day!


k byeeeeeee

*will update more soon! especially about the loafers because I’m so in love

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weekend links

I’m heading up to Austin this weekend to visit my sister! Items on the agenda: hike, hipster tea, polar bear plunge. Meep!

Have a great weekend!!! xx Saryah

Church-> super rad skatepark

Sriracha packets! Finally!

The Buddha Bowl you will want to eat for the rest of your life! I made it last night and am a believer :)

Your guide to white sneakers

For fellow elephant lovers

I love hearing what beauty products people use, thanks Top Shelf <3

Me, right now

Perfect for the chilly weekend ahead!

dainty finger tattoos

tiny home x luxury

Kate Moss inspo

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Kiernan Shipka for President

Can I be real with yall for a second? I’m not 100% pleased with the candidate choices this year. Obviously more so with the GOP because it’s a nuthouse over there. Don’t even get me started on Trump. Or Palin…?! (get out of here this isn’t 2008! you’re 2000 and late gurl)

One of the major issues in this election is over gun control. I would love for everyone to stop being cray and realize what the second amendment is. Hi quick history lesson for the entire nation who I guess slept through it multiple times in their life: The second amendment was for regular citizens who formed the militia when needed. Because we were a baby country who didn’t supply the militia with guns so they brought their own.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Are you part of the US militia? No, then go away. The second amendment was not for you to be able to carry a hand gun into Kroger’s. (seriously why?)

Answer to the nation’s problem:


Enter the most perfect human ever, Kiernan Shipka. Yes she’s forever younger than me at 16, but anyone who can pull off this outfit deserves respect. Also she always knows whats up on the food scene. Thank you Kiernan Shipka for introducing me to Sqirl and the delicious rice breakfast bowl and brioche toast <3 (seriously go bc their brioche toast is to die for)

wasn’t joking about the toast. I never joke about toast

Top candidate Kiernan Shipka hangs out with more knowledgeable people (Amanda Stenberg) than half the other candidates and has good international diplomacy, as seen here with NZ native, Lorde (bow down)

That is all. Case closed. Bye haters.

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40 Days of Yoga

Helloooo there!

My yoga studio has launched our 40 Days to Personal Revolution on Sunday and I’m pumpedddd. 40 days is based off Baron Baptiste’s book (see here) and it outlines the entire process.This guy is always wearing a bandanna, definitely rocks his own style and I dig it. You do you Baron.

The program includes daily meditation (2x a day), daily journaling (of your yoga practice, what you eat, feelings that come up), and daily yoga practice (6 out of 7 days a week). It’s pretty transformative and I love the community it builds within the studio, we are all doing this crazy thing together and know what each other is dealing with. Plus all the fun workshops!

How cute are these YogaOne girls?! love!

It’s officially day three and I’ve planned out all my yoga classes for the week. Today is Forrest with my girl Connie :)

I’m really excited to see how it all goes and hope I don’t collapse by the end of the week! More updates to come

xx Saryah

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Long Weekend

When everyone is out of town for the long weekend and you have no one to hang with…

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